Porosity: to Dwell and to Negotiate
Community Housing at New Haven

Feb-May 2019, 4 months,  YSOA

Site: New Haven, CT 
Type :Housing
Size: 1,123 sf

Academic Group Project
Collaborator: Naomi Ng, Martin Bueno, Ife Adepegba, Jiachen Deng

Team B - P4 - Massing Model-1.jpg

Security seeks to close a city down. Porosity seeks to open it up. Somewhere between the two a solution must be found within our capitalist system. If we can’t find the balance, they’ll close the cities and cities will die.
--Richard Goodwin  


        Through the analysis of critical surfaces in which a series of daily rituals transpire, the rituals of sanitation, rest, and nourishment have been identified as the essential in order ‘to dwell’. A space without sensibility to the former elements cannot be considered a dwelling.
        As spaces are configured through a process favoring functionality, spatial economy, and connectivity between the aforementioned rituals, an overarching condition of negotiation occurs as one surface experiences a push force from within, and the adjacent surface experiences a subtractive pull. Whether it be the transition from interior space to an exterior enclosure, or transitioning between interior spaces—a certain memory, or porosity of the adjoining element becomes evident within the scheme.

        A fluid connectivity is produced through the insertion of bedroom volumes into the living space, both completing the dwelling and adjoining the dwelling to the next as a collective aggregation.

Team B - P4 - Section Drawing-1.jpg
master plan_0407_dreama.jpg
unit plan-no bg.png

Livingroom View