Formal Analysis of Nolli's Map and Piranesi's Map

Dec 2018, 1 month,  YSOA

Critic: Peter Eisenman

Type : Computer Drawing

Individual Conceptual Academic Project

        Between the Map of Rome completed by Nolli and the Campo Marzio drawn by Piranesi, there is a distinct difference in the perception of what is real. While Nolli scientifically creates a map of figure and ground, Piranesi invents a fanciful and provocative recreation of Rome based on archaeological sites. Pre-existing axes were used by Piranesi as references for other buildings. While the real for Nolli is the urban figure-ground at the current time, the real for Piranesi means to record the city of different times on drawings—not the real as the photo taken by satellite, but the real as the city recorded in the history.